The Aligned Style Collective¬ģ is a resource for Intuitive Style and Intentional Spending that champions women in authentic self-expression.¬†


Our core tenet - that every woman has the innate ability to manifest the wardrobe of her dreams when she harnesses the power of her intuition - is the foundation upon which all of our offerings are built. 


For many women, having a wardrobe that sparks tremendous joy is highly motivating and deeply desirable but also feels completely out of reach. At the ASC, we are here to declare that your SOUL-ALIGNED wardrobe is within close grasp.


   In the inimitable words of Glenda the Good Witch "you've always had the power, my dear".


You see, the magical conduit that will connect you to a wardrobe that lights you ALL THE WAY UP is not money, it is not time, and it is not a degree in fashion merchandising. It is SELF-TRUST. Your intuition is your guide on the journey toward Style Sovereignty and self-trust is the key to your fashion queendom.


Our suite of online courses - Aligned Style Method¬ģ, Intuitive Style Maven‚ĄĘ, and Capsule Wardrobe Queen‚ĄĘ - teach¬†women how to leverage intuition to build wardrobes that are so SOUL-ALIGNED that the concept of fashion is demystified, resulting in an experience of personal style that is accessible, actionable and expansive.


Whether you want to release the narratives of ‚Äúshould be, do, have‚ÄĚ,¬†shop with certainty, maximize wardrobe joy, or be witnessed in your soul's desire, the Aligned Style Collective¬ģ is here to illuminate the path.

Ali Call is an Intuitive Style Expert, Conscious Purchasing Thought Leader and Self-Actualization Coach. She is the CEO & founder of Aligned Style Collective¬ģ and the creator of the Aligned Style Method¬ģ.
Over the past 12 years, Ali has helped hundreds of women curate soul-aligned assortments that spark tremendous joy, and has been endorsed by both Forbes¬ģ and Glamour¬ģ for her mindful approach to wardrobe consulting.
Ali teaches women how to harness the power of intuition to amplify their voices, visibility and impact through her signature Aligned Style Method ¬ģ, so they can quiet the noise of outside opinion and boldly step into their most authentic expression of self.


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