Ali Call, Founder and CEO
My name is Ali Call and I am an Intuitive Style Expert, Conscious Purchasing Thought Leader and Self-Actualization Coach.
Since 2012, I have empowered hundreds of women into authentic style expression with my Forbes and Glamour endorsed approach to wardrobe consulting and intentional spending.
As a reformed shopping addict, I know firsthand how struggles with worthiness, self-doubt and people pleasing can wreak havoc on your style, confidence and finances.
I also know that we can heal ourselves by shifting into intuitive alignment, and my work in recovery has illuminated strategies for fortifying self-trust and self-worth that can be pivotal.
The Aligned Style Collective® was created at the intersection of my spiritual journey and my passion for transformative fashion.
My signature program, Aligned Style Method®, is a container for self-actualization that teaches women how to quiet the noise of outside opinion and boldly step into their most authentic, soul-aligned expression of self.

I am OBSESSED with women’s liberation, and helping my fellow queens leverage their inner wisdom for expansion is my mission. Celebrating women in their fullest, loudest, favorite most genuine expression, and alchemizing the magic with wardrobes that amplify confidence is my vibe.
When I am not championing women, you can find me snuggling with my five rescue pups, on my yoga mat in child’s pose, or adventuring with my awesome teenage son.